Forecasting Resources

Wind & Wave Forecasting
NWS Great Lakes Forecasting Site
• GFS Wind/Precip/MSLP: (0Z) (12Z) (18Z)
• PSU SREF NE Wind: (3Z) (9Z) (15Z) (21Z)
• PSU SREF Central Wind: (3Z) (9Z) (15Z) (21Z)
• PSU HighRes NE Wind: (0Z) (6Z) (12Z) (18Z)
• PSU HighRes Wind Comparison: (0Z) (12Z)
• NCEP: Wind--Gust Potential
• GLERL-Lake Erie: (Wind) (Waves)
• GLERL-Lake Huron: (Wind) (Waves)
• GLERL-Lake Michigan: (Wind) (Waves)
• GLERL-Lake Ontario: (Wind) (Waves)
• GLERL-Lake Superior: (Wind) (Waves)
• WaveWatch III-Lake Erie: (Wind) (Waves)
• WaveWatch III-Lake Huron: (Wind) (Waves)
• WaveWatch III-Lake Michigan: (Wind) (Waves)
• WaveWatch III-Lake Ontario: (Wind) (Waves)
• WaveWatch III-Lake Superior: (Wind) (Waves)

Synoptic Scale Forecasting
WPC: Daily Forecast Map
WPC: Surface Fronts
• WPC Surface Forecasts - Multi-panel Page
• PSU SREF-500mb: (3Z) (15Z)
• PSU SREF-700mb: (3Z) (15Z)
• PSU SREF-850mb: (3Z) (15Z)
• PSU SREF-Surface: (3Z) (9Z) (15Z) (21Z)

Clouds & Precipitation
• NCEP: Clouds
• WPC: Precipitation Forecast
• GFS 24-Hour Precip (GFS) (NAM)
• GFS 6-Hour Precip: 00Z or 12Z
• PSU SREF-Precip: (3Z) (9Z) (15Z) (21Z)
• PSU SREF-Precip-NE: (3Z) (9Z) (15Z) (21Z)
• PSU HighRes Precip: (0Z) (6Z) (12Z) (18Z)

Zip Files
(The following list contains hyperlinks to zip files containing the referenced imagery and may be useful to a travelling boater with limited connectivity to the Internet. Simply download the small file to your computer, extract the contents, and then review the forecast graphics without the need for an Internet connection.)

WPC Surface Fronts
WPC Precipitation
Storm Prediction Center-Convective Outlooks
Lake Erie-WWIII Wind
Lake Erie-WWIII Waves
Lake Huron-WWIII Wind
Lake Huron-WWIII Waves
Lake Michigan-WWIII Wind
Lake Michigan-WWIII Waves
Lake Ontario-WWIII Wind
Lake Ontario-WWIII Waves
Lake Superior-WWIII Wind
Lake Superior-WWIII Waves