Large-Scale Forecasting

• WPC: Surface Fronts
• NCEP: 500mb
• SPC: SREF Page
• NCEP: Cyclone Tracking
• PSU MREF-500mb: (0Z) (12Z)

• PSU SREF-500mb: (3Z) (15Z)
• PSU SREF-700mb: (3Z) (15Z)
• PSU SREF-850mb: (3Z) (15Z)
• PSU SREF-Surface: (3Z) (9Z) (15Z) (21Z)
• PSU SREF-Temp: (3Z) (15Z)
• PSU SREF-NE 500mb: (3Z) (15Z)
• PSU SREF-NE 700mb: (3Z) (15Z)
• PSU SREF-NE 850mb: (3Z) (15Z)
• PSU SREF-NE Surface: (3Z) (9Z) (15Z) (21Z)
• PSU SREF-Central Surface: (3Z) (9Z) (15Z) (21Z)

• PSU HighRes (MSLP / Clouds): (0Z) (6Z) (12Z) (18Z)

• NCEP GFS (0Z)-300mb -500mb -700mb -850mb -MSLP -Precip
• NCEP GFS (12Z)-300mb -500mb -700mb -850mb -MSLP -Precip
• NCEP GFS (18Z)-300mb -500mb -700mb -850mb -MSLP -Precip
• NCEP NAM (0Z)-300mb -500mb -700mb -850mb -MSLP
• NCEP NAM (12Z)-300mb -500mb -700mb -850mb -MSLP
• NCEP NAM (18Z)-300mb -500mb -700mb -850mb -MSLP

• NCEP SREF Surface-3Z -9Z -15Z

• PSU 4-Panel Progs (0Z) - (GFS) (NAM)
• PSU 4-Panel Progs (12Z) - (GFS) (NAM)

Model Comparisons

• NCEP: 300 mb
• NCEP: 500 mb
• NCEP: 700 mb
• NCEP: 850 mb
• NCEP: 6-Hour Preciptation

Noteworthy Websites

Pivotal Weather
Tropical Tidbits
Great Lakes Coastal Forecasting System

Clouds & Precipitation

• WPC: Quantitative Precipitation Forecast
• QPF 24-Hour (GFS) (NAM)
• GFS 6-Hour Precip: 00Z or 12Z
• PSU SREF-Precip: (3Z) (9Z) (15Z) (21Z)
• PSU SREF-Precip-NE: (3Z) (9Z) (15Z) (21Z)
• PSU HighRes Precip: (0Z) (6Z) (12Z) (18Z)
• PSU SREF PoP: (3Z) (9Z) (15Z) (21Z)
• PSU SREF P-Type: (3Z) (9Z) (15Z) (21Z)

Large-Scale Wind Forecasting

• GFS Wind/Precip/MSLP: (0Z) (12Z) (18Z)
• PSU SREF Wind Probability: (3Z) (9Z) (15Z) (21Z)
• PSU SREF NE Wind: (3Z) (9Z) (15Z) (21Z)
• PSU SREF Central Wind: (3Z) (9Z) (15Z) (21Z)
• PSU HighRes NE Wind: (0Z) (6Z) (12Z) (18Z)
• PSU HighRes Wind Comparison: (0Z) (12Z)
• U. of Wyoming: GFS Output
• NCEP: Rapid Refresh
• NCEP: High Resolution Rapid Refresh
• NCEP: Wind--Gust Potential
• TAMU: Grid Interpolations By Station
• GFS LAMP MOS: By Station

High Resolution Graphics

• PSU HighRes (MSLP / Clouds): (0Z) (6Z) (12Z) (18Z)
• PSU HighRes NE Wind: (0Z) (6Z) (12Z) (18Z)
• PSU HighRes Precip: (0Z) (6Z) (12Z) (18Z)
• PSU HighRes Sim. Radar: (0Z) (6Z) (12Z) (18Z)
• NCAR HiRes Graphics

Miscellaneous Resources

• One-Stop MOS
• PSU Bufkit Profiles
• NCEP Model Diagnostic Discussion
• WPC Short Range Discussion
• WPC Long Range Discussion

Severe Weather Forecasting

• NCEP: Mixed-Layer CAPE
• NCEP SREF: Mixed-Layer CAPE
• NCEP SREF: Mixed-Layer CIN
• NCEP: Surface to 6km Wind Shear
• NCEP: Lifted Index
• NCEP: Storm Motion
• PSU SREF CAPE: (3Z) (9Z) (15Z) (21Z)
• SPC: Convective Outlooks
• SPC: Convective Outlooks Categories

Great Lakes Wind/Waves

• NWS Great Lakes Forecasting Site
• Surface Temperature: (Lake Erie)
• GLERL-Lake Erie: (Wind) (Waves)
• GLERL-Lake Huron: (Wind) (Waves)
• GLERL-Lake Michigan: (Wind) (Waves)
• GLERL-Lake Ontario: (Wind) (Waves)
• GLERL-Lake Superior: (Wind) (Waves)

Analysis Products

Current Observations
• SPC Mesoanalysis - Interactive Analysis
• SPC Mesoanalysis - Synoptic
• SPC Mesoanalysis - CAPE
• SPC Mesoanalysis - Daily ML CAPE Review
• SPC Mesoanalysis - Lapse Rate
• SPC Mesoanalysis - Wind Shear
• SPC Mesoanalysis - Surface & Moisture
• SPC Mesoanalysis - Storm-Relative Winds
• WPC Surface Forecasts - Multi-panel Page
• WPC QPF - Multi-panel Page

Atlantic Ocean

• NCEP GFS-0Z (300mb) (500mb) (850mb)
• NCEP GFS12Z (300mb) (500mb) (850mb)
• NCEP GFS-Surface (0Z) (12Z)
• GFS Wind / Waves

Pacific Ocean

• NCEP GFS-0Z (300mb) (500mb) (850mb)
• NCEP GFS12Z (300mb) (500mb) (850mb)
• NCEP GFS-Surface (0Z) (12Z)
GFS Wind / Waves

Tropical Forecasting

• PSU Tropical GFS: (0Z) (12Z)
• PSU Tropical Navy: (0Z) (12Z)