Weather Routing / Private Weather Forecasts

Private Forecast & Weather Routing
For The Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race


A Private Forecast Package from LakeErieWX includes:

  • Marine Weather Forecasting Guide: You will receive a copy of the LakeErieWX Marine Weather Forecasting Guide designed to decode the confusing symbols and shorthand included on weather forecast graphics.
  • Preliminary Briefings: A detailed written discussion of the large-scale weather pattern and the potential for severe weather during the forecast period (Saturday through Monday). The preliminary briefings also include a written wind and wave forecast. Preliminary briefings are sent via email on the two days preceding the delivery of your Private Forecast.
  • Custom Forecast With Routing: A multi-page Private Forecast will be sent to you in PDF format the evening prior to your race. The forecast will include the following:
    • A detailed discussion and supporting forecast graphics showing the expected weather conditions including:
      • The location and movement of high and low pressure systems.
      • The passage of cold fronts, warm fronts, stationary fronts, and troughs, including the anticipated impact on the wind.
      • The potential for thunderstorms and organized severe weather including when, where, and what type of storms are expected.
      • A detailed wind speed, wind direction, gust speed, and wave height forecast at 3-hour intervals.
    • A computer-generated routing solution based on the preferred wind forecast and your yacht’s unique performance characteristics (your boat’s polar data is required).
  • Text-Only Forecast: In addition to the detailed graphical version of the Private Forecast described above, a text-only version including the forecast discussion and marine forecast will be sent to you via email.
  • Consultations: Your questions regarding the forecast will be answered via email or telephone.

Click on the image below (or here) to review a sample Private Forecast. Click here for a sample Preliminary Briefing.


  • $225 for the Private Custom Forecast package (including weather routing) covering Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
  • $99 for a Private Forecast without weather routing covering Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Limited Availability
Creating a private forecast is time-consuming, therefore a limited number of customers are accepted for each event. Please contact me at to sign up before spaces are filled.

Mark Thornton

Mark Thornton has been sailing for more than 25 years and currently owns Osprey, a C&C 35. His interest in weather forecasting grew from his experiences cruising and racing on the Great Lakes. Mark is a 2006 graduate of the Penn State University Certificate of Achievement in Weather Forecasting, a two-year program that develops skills in general, tropical, and severe weather forecasting.

He is the president of LakeErieWX LLC, a company dedicated to providing marine weather education and forecasting resources for recreational boaters ( Mark publishes a marine weather blog and teaches basic forecasting seminars to recreational boaters during the off-season. He has served as the Race Meteorologist for the Bell’s Beer Bayview Race to Mackinac since 2014. Mark is also employed as a Teaching Assistant in the Certificate of Achievement in Weather Forecasting Program at Penn State University.

As both a sailor and a meteorologist, I am uniquely qualified to improve the weather-related skills of your members. Please contact me by email or call 440-250-9179 to learn how a weather forecasting seminar can help address your organization's educational, safety, and membership goals.

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Phone: 440.250.9179

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